1.Everything you want to know about Pictures

Disclaimer : Every single one of the pictures on this blog are mine or have been taken for me. I want you guys to have the most exclusive content, that’s why I am not copying & pasting any pictures I have found on internet. I add photos to all my posts, so if I don’t fell like I have any good pictures to add to my content, I will simply not post it until I have. If you want the right to use my pictures, check out the disclaimer page.

Who takes my pictures ?

I take most of my pictures myself, especially when it’s landscape or objects. I use different cameras for my pictures depending on what I need to shoot. For the moment my go to reflex camera is the Nikon D300 with 2 different lenses : Sigma 24-70 mm D and Nikon SWM VRED IF O67. Some of my pictures are also shot by a friend of mine and he is a great photographer. Check him out on instagram.

How I edit  my photos?

Once you get the perfect shot, the only thing that is missing is a good edit. If you want to know how I edit my Instagram pictures, check out my top 4 Apps to edit your instagram pictures article. For editing my blog images I simply use lightroom. Now when I say simply, it’s actually not that simple. If you miss practise with this tool, check out some tutorials on Youtube. For most of my pictures I simply retouch lightnening, change the exposure, saturation, warmth etc.

 2.Platform I use for my Blog

One of the easiest platform you could use for your blog is WordPress. I use it for my marketing Job and it’s a great and easy tool. Simply choose a theme (a free or paid one) and start configuring the appearance for your liking. If you miss practise, there are tons, TONS of tutorials, on how to create a blog with WordPress, on Internet.

3.Your questions on Sponsorship and Paid Content

I am not opposed to sponsorship ! As long as I truly like the products and identity of a brand, I consider it’s ok for me to work with them. However I will only work with brands I think are ethical, do not test on or use animal skin and share the same vision I do on workship and products. So, I will never push you guys to buy something I would’nt myself or hide that I have been paid for a post or tweet. I will always let you know by adding the “AD” info in the title of my blog and social media post.

4.How I afford everything

Before you start saying I am very lucky to be able to travel, just know I pay everything with my own money. I work in Marketing as a paid job and afford anything about going out and travel expenses with what I earn. So this is nothing about luck, but rather about work. I have always be the type of person who would rather not buy any clothes for a year but book 3 to 4 trips because I love travelling and memories much more than I love material things. One of my favorite quote is actually “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”. by Oscar Wilde

5.Booking plan tickets at good price

For this kind of questions, head over to the tips and tricks page on my blog. I have plenty of helpful posts waiting for you to be read. I tell you how you can save money when travelling, what to search for before any trip, how to book plan tickets at good price etc.

6.Choosing to write in English

My native language is not English. However, I am making an effort to write in a language that is not mine, so my posts can be read by everyone. So I hope you will forgive any spelling or grammar mistake 😉